The Nouman Soufrakis family is an established Libyan family well known in the business and social community with a significant recorded trading history between Libya, Russia, Japan and Italy from the late 19th century. 


Nouman Soufrakis was an industrialist with numerous business interests including wholesale building materials (cement, steel and timber regularly importing from 15 – 20 ships per month).  His sons, (Hassan, Hussein & Fehim) were amongst the largest commercial contractors in Libya, traded extensively in heavy construction equipment and materials and were the exclusive country agent for Ingersoll Rand construction, oil and gas equipment, Baioni crushers, Lombardini (motors and water pumps), amongst other construction and development equipment manufacturers. 


In the sanitary ware industry, the family was agent for Valleroy & Boch in addition to Grohe for the Eastern region of Libya.


In the automotive field the family were the agents of the Honda Motor Company, OM Trucks (a Fiat Group Company), Ford Motor Company, Sumitomo tyres agent for the state of Cyrenaica (the Eastern province), in Libya. 


The Family then left Libya due to the political situation and subsequent nationalization in the mid 1970’s to the UK.  From the early 90’s the family set up one of the largest olive and date palm farms in the Middle East, set over 1412 acres on the outskirts of Cairo.